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Our valued Rip City Partners. We take immense pride in the collaborative efforts that drive our passion for basketball and community engagement. Our valued partners play a pivotal role in supporting our mission and enabling us to create unforgettable moments on and off the court. Here, you’ll be able to download our latest Sponsorship Package Information.

Why Sponsor Rip City Club?

Player Development: Your sponsorship directly contributes to the growth and development of our players. By investing in our club, you’re investing in the next generation.

• Coaching Excellence: Our dedicated coaches work tirelessly to hone the skills of our athletes. Your support ensures they have the resources they need to excel.

• Referee Training: Quality referees are essential for fair play. Your sponsorship helps us provide training and support to our referees.

• Community Impact: Rip City is more than just a club; we’re a community. Your partnership allows us to engage with fans, schools, and local events.

• Promotion: We value our partners and will actively support and promote your business. This includes shout outs on our website, social media channels, and during game days.

How Can You Help?

• Download and Review Sponsorship Packages: Complete one or all of the form below. Each one outlines a detailed sponsorship guide that shows the various opportunities available. There’s truly something for everyone.

• Reach Out: To discuss specific options or tailor a sponsorship package to your needs, please email We will be happy to answer any questions and explore how we can collaborate.

• Tax Deductibility: Remember that your sponsorship could be a tax deduction for your business. We’ll provide the necessary documentation to support this.

Let’s Make a Difference Together! At Rip City, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Your support matters, and we’re committed to recognising and celebrating our valued partners.

Rip City Sponsorship Packages

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