NBL1 Alive in 25

Coming back bigger and better

NBL1 Alive in 25

Alive in 25 is Rip City’s theme for our re-entry into the NBL1 competition in 2025. It came about after we pulled our nomination for NBL1 2024, so we could focus our resources back to our QSL, QSLYL, SQJBC and Club competitions. These areas of Rip City deserved our full attention to ensure they are strong and robust enough to be the core of our Association for many years to come. The work has already begun with a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure we meet the targets we have set ourselves. We will provide all our fantastic Rip City members and supporters with updates on how we are tracking with our Sponsorship commitments for 2025 as well as our player membership growth, both massively important to us.

This is a Rip City All-In project, so please put your hand up to help us come Alive in NBL1 2025.

Its time to get involved

Here's how you can help

Many people over the last month in particular are asking “how can we help…………”. In particular as we build towards our re-entry back into NBL1 2025, below are the many really important ways you can help Rip City do this. All are important, so please get involved!


We need sponsors! So, if you, the company you work for, or the company you own would like to seriously help our Alive in 25 campaign, please contact us via the contact form below. Rip City’s GM will be in contact to talk you through the options available.

Introduce a SPONSOR

If you a know a company or a person who is keen on sponsoring Rip City please contact us via the form below and the GM will be in contact with you. Rip City is happy to reward you for those that result in a signed sponsorship agreement.

Use our sponsor’s product or service

Our sponsors are massively important to any sports association, and at Rip City this is also true. Our sponsors range from small local businesses to medium to large size organisations with a large range of products and services. Their sponsorship money helps our association run, so as a member of Rip City, use our sponsors services. Simply click on the sponsors logo and you’ll go to their website. For example buy a car from Cal City Auto, build your website with Primal Agency. By supporting the businesses that support us will absolutely help build our club and keep it sustainable well into the future.


Rip City is on the look-out for great people to become coaches. It’s a privilege to have a positive influence over our kids and it’s our goal at Rip City to have 1 coach for every team we field, not only in Rep Ball but also in our Club Competition. It’s proven to be the best way to develop our players talent. So, please put your hand up and get involved as a coach and help us be the best Association in Queensland. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry, we’ll teach you. Fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.


If you have good organisational skills, can relate really well with the kids and want to be involved with a team, we’d love to hear from you as a Team Manager. All our players need great people around them, and if you’d prefer to organise off court rather than as a coach on court, please fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.


Could your professional skills be utilised at the club in some manner. If you’ve got an idea on how your special skillset can support the club, we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.


Volunteers are the real backbone of sporting associations around the country, none can operate without them. So if you want to volunteer for our QSL game setup, cafe serving for experience, administration, bookkeeping, apparel organisation, Little Rippers sign in or any of the many areas that volunteers help Rip City, please put your hand up and help us fulfill our potential in our quest to return to the NBL1 competition in 2025. We can start you in 2024 as a warm-up, just fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.


Basketball is played in more countries in the world than any other sport, and it continues to grow at a huge rate in SE Queensland. At Rip City we have programs for kids as young as 4 years old and we continue right up to QSL and NBL1 (in 2025). Its played indoors in a safe environment and only takes less that 1 hour for an entire game. Who knows, your child could be the next Patty Mills or Lauren Jackson, so encourage your child to put down their screens, invite a group of their friends and start to play.

Check out our competitions

Revenue is important to any club or association and Rip City is no different. We’re a Not For Profit Organisation, so please make sure you pay your registration fees on time every time. Your money is used immediately to pay for courts, referees, basketballs competition costs and stadium costs. Even if you’re on a payment plan, its important to Rip City that you pay these amounts promptly, as cash flow is crucial to us to operate effectively.

Complete the form below to get involved!

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    As we work through our plan of growth and expansion follow along with our progress and join us on our journey back into the NBL North competition in 2025.


    thank you to all

    our partners supporting us on the journey