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We have a wide range of coaching opportunities from our junior programs through to our senior programs. If you love basketball and love coaching, you can start by coaching your child’s club team then progress on to coaching at junior representative level, state level and even further.

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Just like learning to play basketball, learning to referee takes time, practice and determination. Just like being a player, refereeing the game can also be incredibly rewarding and satisfying. When you learn how to referee basketball, you are supported every step of the way.

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Score Bench

Just like referees, there are many reasons why people might become a score bench official. Most score table officials are fans of the game who enjoy being involved at the local level. They become score bench officials to support basketball and the teams love.

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A Basketball Statistician is a game official who is responsible for recording all actions for both teams during a game. At least two statisticians officiate at each game – one (the caller) calls all the action on court to the second statistician (the computer operator), who inputs these actions into a computer. A third statistician (the spotter) may also be present, their role is to clarify or pick up missed actions by the caller.


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