QSL Men’s Draw 2024

UniSC Rip City have a strong and successful history in Basketball Queensland’s State League program (QSL). The Queensland State League provides an avenue to high-level competition for young developing players, players at their pinnacle, and players who have stepped down from elite competition. QSL is a strong and competitive league in its own right, and also serves as a key launchpad for young players looking to move into the NBL1 and beyond. At UniSC Rip City we have competitive men’s and women’s teams in QSL Division 1.  We wish both our teams every success this season.

USC Rip City Men


Southern Districts

USC Rip City vs Southern Districts
May 5, 2024, 10:00 am
p l a y e r s

Our family loves it so much that it feels like our second home.

Parent Kathleen Hemmings

We have been involved in have created lifelong friendships not only for our daughter but for our family.

Parent Jackie McCosker

I love playing at Rip City, everyone is really friendly.

Player Lilly Ng

Rip city basketball is more than just your average basketball club. It's a family!

parent Sam Clowes