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Rip City Statement

Dear Members,

An important decision was made today by the Rip City General Manager and Committee, which sees us withdraw our nomination for entry into the 2024 NBL1 North competition.

This was decided for next year only which means we will not be represented in Men’s or Women’s NBL1 competitions in 2024, but we will work towards nominating for the 2025 competition.

As a result, all our resources are now able to be channelled back into our QSL, QSLYL, Representative competitions and Club basketball to help build the strength of these teams for years to come.

This decision will come as a bitter blow to everyone at the association closely associated with the NBL1 Program which includes our coaches, players, officials, volunteers, sponsors, and fans alike.

We would like to thank all those people involved and encourage them to stay with as and help us refocus our energy into the areas described, and see this association build into the formidable force we know it can be.

The Committee and General Manager would also like thank the players involved in our NBL1 program and encourage them also to be ready to come 2025.


Thank you and we’ll see on court.

Rip City Committee and General Manager


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